Practice Areas

Bret Lusskin, Esq. focuses on all types of consumer protection litigation at both the state and federal level. We are not a credit repair or "debt consolidation" service; we are an aggressive litigation law firm that brings violators to justice in court.

  • Telephone Harassment

Bret Lusskin sues debt collectors, telemarketers, and spammers who violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). Under the TCPA, violators can be held accountable and forced to pay heavy penalties to their victims. If you have been the subject of constant or abusive telephone calls, contact us for a free consultation.

  • Text Message Spam

These days, advertisers are hard at work dreaming up new ways to get their brands in front of your eyes. It is becoming ever more common for unscrupulous companies to abuse your cellular telephone with so-called “text spam.” These companies frequently violate federal law. When they cross the line, Bret Lusskin sues them and holds them accountable.

  • Debt Defense

Debt collection is an ugly practice. Every day, consumers are served with lawsuits seeking to collect debts that may or may not be legitimately owed. Often times, these lawsuits are written to be deliberately arcane and difficult for non-lawyers to understand. Bret Lusskin analyzes these lawsuits, breaks them down, and enforces the rights of distressed consumers.

  • Consumer Protection

Debt collectors are in the business of coercing consumers to pay money without regard for their legal rights. They call day and night, send letters, annoy, threaten, and abuse. Often times their practices are prohibited by federal or state law. Bret Lusskin is versed in the law of unlawful debt collection practices, and holds offenders accountable in court. Contact us for a free consultation.

  • Privacy

The law of privacy is relatively new and rapidly evolving. With the advent of the Internet, new privacy concerns emerge on an almost-daily basis. If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, contact us for a free consultation.

  • Criminal Law

Bret Lusskin is an experienced criminal defense attorney, having represented clients in matters ranging from simple traffic tickets to vehicular homicide. In America, those accused of crimes have basic constitutional rights. Enforcing those rights requires the advice and representation of a competent attorney. If you have a criminal law problem, contact us for a free consultation.

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